23 Inspiring Web Development Blogs You Should Follow 2024

web development blogs

The world of web development is a constantly evolving landscape, demanding continuous learning and adaptation from professionals. Staying informed about the latest trends, resources, and insightful perspectives is crucial for excelling in this dynamic field. Fortunately, a vibrant community of web development blogs offers valuable knowledge and inspiration to developers of all levels.

Here are some web development blog examples

smashing magazine

smashing magazine

Smashing Magazine is like a fun clubhouse on the internet for people who love creating websites and designs. which is Started in 2006 by two friends Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman, it’s a special place full of tips, tricks, and inspiration for web developers and designers worldwide. Whether you’re just starting or a pro, Smashing Magazine is your go-to guide in the exciting world of the internet!

A List Apart

A list apart

It’s not just any web development blogs – it’s like a treasure trove filled with well-researched articles about the latest stuff happening on the web, from design to development and everything in between. Picture it like a super easy-to-use website with a simple look, making it a breeze to explore. What’s even cooler? The folks who write for A List Apart also create books and host events. It’s like they’re sharing all the secrets of the web world in one awesome place!

CSS Tricks

CSS tricks

CSS Tricks is like your go-to guide for everything about CSS but in a fun and easy way! It’s not just a blog; it’s a cool resource that helps developers understand how to make things look awesome on websites. It’s like having a superhero friend who shows you the best tricks to make your designs perfect. I use it all the time to make sure my products look exactly how designers want them to look – it’s like having a secret weapon for web design!


site point

Imagine Sitepoint as your online superhero for learning web development and design! It’s like a magical place with cool articles, tutorials, and courses that teach you all about making awesome stuff on the web, like HTML, CSS, and more. The super-smart team at Sitepoint, who knows a ton about web stuff, creates these exciting lessons. They even have special courses to help professionals become web development and design superheroes. So, if you want to be a web wizard, Sitepoint is the place to go – your secret weapon for becoming a web expert!

David Walsh


Imagine David Walsh’s blog as a cool place where you can learn all about making awesome things on the internet! It’s like a treasure chest full of articles about web development – from making things look pretty with CSS to using fancy technologies like JavaScript and Node.js. If you’re into creating software and making cool websites, David Walsh’s blog is the spot for you. It might not go super deep into details, but it’s like a superhero that solves common problems and makes your web adventures more fun! So, if you love playing with web tech, check out David Walsh’s blog – it’s a real gem!



Codrops might not post new stuff all the time, but when they do, it’s like a burst of creativity! They’re like superheroes in the web world, offering cool content, freebies, and step-by-step guides. Imagine it as a magical toolbox for making websites with the latest and coolest tricks in web development and design. Even if they don’t post every day, when they do, it’s worth checking out for awesome ideas and help with making your cool web stuff!


specky boy

SpeckyBoy is like a tech treasure trove for anyone curious about the latest tech info! Created by Paul Andrew, it’s your go-to place for insightful updates on all things tech. Whether you’re a beginner or a tech whiz, these blogs help you catch up on the coolest trends to spice up your projects. If you’re into the latest technology, SpeckyBoy is the spot to explore!

web development articles

Coding Horror web development articles are the best articles for learning coding

coding horror

Coding Horror is a super cool blog written by one of the founders of Stack Overflow. It’s like a treasure chest of fantastic tips about making software and cool stories from the author’s own experiences. If you’re into coding and want to learn from a pro, this blog is a must-read!

Creative Bloq

creative bloq

Creative Bloq is like a cool design blog with lots of posts on web design, art, news, and trends. It’s your go-to spot for getting inspired and boosting creativity in web design. Check out their posts to see awesome website designs that can give you cool ideas for making your own unique and creative stuff!

Design shack

design shack

Design Shack is like a top-notch web design blog that’s been helping designers since 2003. It’s like a creative hub covering all sorts of cool stuff about web and graphic design. If you’re into making things look awesome on the internet, this blog is the place to be for some super helpful tips and ideas!

Web design ledger

web design ledger

Web Design Ledger is like a cool magazine made by web designers for web designers. It’s all about sharing knowledge and resources for making awesome stuff on the web. You can find everything from design templates to interviews with designers. They even talk about tech stuff like WordPress, PHP, and jQuery. If you’re into web design, this blog is a great place to learn and get inspired!



Onextrapixel is like a cool platform where you can find helpful tips, news, and cool stuff about design and development. They share tutorials, tools, and other inspiring things to spark your creativity. If you’re into making things on the web, this place has lots of fun and useful ideas for you!

CodeNewbie is one of the top web development blogs


CodeNewbie is perfect for beginners diving into the world of web development, just like the blog title suggests. It’s like a virtual clubhouse welcoming anyone new to coding. Here, you can peek into the lives of web developers, get career advice, and listen to cool stories on podcasts. If you’re starting your coding journey, CodeNewbie is the friendly place to be!

CSS Author


CSS Author is the go-to blog for coders who want to make eye-catching websites. It’s like a cool spot with free templates, design ideas, and resources on coding languages. Plus, they’ve got free WordPress themes! If you’re into coding and want your websites to look awesome, CSS Author is the place to check out!

JS Party

js party

JS Party is a fun podcast all about coding, especially JavaScript, but they chat about other cool languages like Go, Ruby, Python, and Node.js too. Each episode is about an hour long, packed with info but also loads of fun banter. They talk not only about coding but also cool stuff like developer culture, startups, and web development tools. If you want to learn and have a good time, JS Party is the podcast for you!

Code condo


Code Condo is like a cool blog with easy-to-understand tutorials and tips on web design. The writers here research and share all the latest topics you’re curious about. If you can’t find what you need, check out their freebies page for links to web development courses. It’s a great place to learn and explore!

by Designmodo you can learn the web design process step by step

s ource

This awesome site has tons of cool info and tools for designers and developers. You can find articles on web design, web development, WordPress, and more. They even make cool products like Qards, which helps you create amazing websites without needing to write any code. It’s like a creative playground for making awesome stuff on the internet!



DevTo is like a friendly clubhouse for software developers! It’s a cool space where you can share knowledge, team up, and connect with others in the tech world. You can write articles, ask questions, share your code, and chat with fellow members. DevTo is all about being inclusive, and welcoming developers of all backgrounds and skill levels. It’s open-source, meaning a bunch of dedicated folks keep it updated with the latest tech trends. They even organize fun events like hackathons and mentorship programs to help everyone learn and grow together! It’s like a cool playground for tech enthusiasts!

Envato tuts+

envato tuts

Envato Tuts+ is like a super cool learning space! It wants to teach you creative skills and show you how to make money with them online.

On this website, you can learn all about web design for free! They’ve got tutorials, guides, and online courses on things like design, coding, business, and more.

Whether you’re into designing or coding, this site is like a treasure chest of knowledge. They even have e-books on web and graphic design topics. It’s a fantastic place to learn and get creative!



freeCodeCamp is like the biggest tech stories hub on Medium! With over 1,000 stories getting lots of views, it’s a cool place to share your coding knowledge. It’s a community where you own what you create, and it’s always free for everyone. Writing for them means you’re helping others learn to code for free – that’s pretty awesome!

They make it super easy to share your ideas, and they even give you lots of tips on how to write and format your article for the best chance of being published. It’s like a friendly space to teach and learn about coding!

Scott Hanselman

scott hanselman

Scott Hanselman’s blog is like a go-to spot for quick and clear advice on web stuff, development, gadgets, and all things that interest developers. With his background as a professor and at Microsoft, his articles show his expertise. You can even check out his personality in what he writes! Follow him on YouTube and listen to his three podcasts for more cool insights. It’s like having a tech-savvy friend sharing awesome tips!



Tutorialzine is like a tutorial wonderland! You can join the community of awesome developers for free. They have a forum to chat about web development, programming, and tech stuff. Check out articles on HTML, React, SQL, responsive design, and more. Plus, find cool resources like libraries and free templates. It’s a fantastic place to learn and share with other tech enthusiasts!

ya digital agency

ya digital agency

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